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Residential Energy Solutions

Solar works great for your House!

See how it works directly from one of our satisfied customers own website!

If you are a home owner in the SouthEast that is planning on being in your home for the foreseeable future or you just want to make your home far more economical as well as marketable, you should be thinking of adding solar power. With rates for electricity passing $.13 a kilowatt hour the annual savings a solar system can produce is in the thousands of $$. Whether you have a 1500 sq ft home or a 15,000 sq ft home, solar is a great application with immediate and long term benefits. Power Bill savings, every day, week, month & year, and with the lifespan of PV Solar now over 30 years, that is a lot of $savings.

  • Hedge against ever increasing rates from your utility.
  • Systems are scalable so you can add on to them over time, as your power demands grow.
  • Solar Solutions have shown to increase the value of homes, up to $10,000 for every $500 saved in energy costs annually.
  • Rebates or power buy-back programs (Net Metering) from your Major Utility or local EMC.
  • Federal Tax Credit of 30%. Yes, there really is this great Tax Credit available to homeowners who install solar.
  • The Southeast has some of the best solar production #’s in the country!
  • The WOW Factor and the big smile you have, the first time you watch your meter run backwards.

Clark Howard probably says it best!

“Think about it: You install solar, you get a federal tax credit, a possible state tax credit and bam! A buyer realizing the wisdom of what you did will pay you more to cover the savings you didn’t get if you don’t live in the house long enough to get return on investment. Or maybe you live long enough to recoup your initial investment and you then make a tidy profit.Why do I always talk about money when I talk about energy efficiency? It’s my belief that most homeowners want to know the decision to be energy conscious requires you to see a real return on investment and a dollars and cents value.”

 Call ASAE to find out if Solar power for your home makes sense for you.