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Our Process

Phase 1: Information Gathering

ASAE will spend as much time as you need to provide information, answer questions and help you to reach your goals with solar or other alternative energy solutions.

Phase 2: Analysis

We’ll take pictures, measurements and determine the best location to maximize the generation of solar power utilizing the sun’s path over your home or business.

We’ll also analyze the intended environment and infrastructure for the system and begin to determine what system is best suited for your requirements.

Phase 3: Design and Recommendations

Based on our findings, ASAE and you will design a system (or systems) based on your short and long-term goals, the environment and your budget.

Phase 4: Determine the Best Solution

Our Mission is to determine the best overall solution to match your requirements and reach your goals; source the best technology available for that solution, order the equipment, make arrangements for safe, timely delivery to the site, finalize the installation dates and work with the local utilities and permitting offices to make sure all applicable paperwork is filled out and turned in.

Phase 5: Deliver and Install

Begin installation process. Once completed, do all required testing to make sure your system works to its maximum efficiency and output.

To insure complete satisfaction, conduct periodic checks to determine overall efficiency and whether any “fine tuning” is required.

Phase 6: Tax Credit Filing

ASAE will help you understand the Federal Tax Credit, the constantly changing GA / State tax filing documents and any Utility company forms to help you capture all possible tax credits and rebates.