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Commercial and Industrial Solar & Battery Storage Solutions


Energy Savings for your Business = increased profits

Increased Profitability and Sustainability for your operations.

Rising energy prices cut into profits. Conversely, energy-efficient operations have lower operating expenses. In most markets, renewable energies (solar, wind & battery storage)  decrease utility costs, reduce or eliminate “peak power” charges, and smooth out price fluctuations. Plus, being a good steward of the environment will help strengthen your brand. Benefits include:

  • Federal Tax Credit or Rebates of 30% (no cap).
  • USDA REAP Grants for businesses that reside in an USDA Empowerment Zone and qualify.
  • Net Metering from your Utility, local EMC or MEAG. A few have some small rebates per KW installed which lowers upfront costs.
  • Reduced energy costs (operating costs) from day one that will continue to grow as your power bills increase.
  • Clean Technology that will allow you to go “Green”, enhancing your brand and giving you a competitive edge with customers who have Renewable Energy Incentives or Mandates for their vendors.
  • “Green” attracts buyers and renters of commercial space who have their own Sustainability Goals and Agendas.
  • Accelerated 5 year Depreciation using the MACRS Depreciation schedule.

Solar, Wind and Battery Storage Projects

American Solar works with our customers to design, install and maintain Solar, Wind, and Battery Storage solutions that help them reduce operating costs today as well in the future with leading edge technologies and Installation Best Practices to insure years of worry free performance. With the emergence of new battery related technologies commercial companies can now have battery backup for their critical needs i.e. computer systems, refrigeration, lighting, security systems etc.

We Provide

  • Energy audits allow us to often identify areas where your building may be wasting energy unbeknownst to you.
  • Complete design and installation with leading edge high quality components.
  • Scalable solutions that allow you to grow and add on to your systems as you need more power or storage
  • Competitive pricing on all technologies
  • We work with numerous finance & lease organizations that service the renewable industry

American Soar’s grid-tie power systems serve commercial and institutional buildings that are tied into the current electrical grid. In fact, many commercial customers have cut their electric bills up to 50% or more by producing their own electricity – with no noise, pollution  with a renewable energy supply that is endless. As always, lower costs mean a more competitive, profitable business!
Our solar, wind & battery solutions will allow you to protect yourself from rate increases and ever-increasing “Brownouts”. You may even produce enough energy at times to sell back to the utility company and further reduce your energy costs. Not sure if you can afford a solar or alternative energy system for your Business?

Call us today at (678) 395-6380 to find out if any of our financing partners can help you .


Other Commercial/Industrial Applications

  • Converting your forklifts from propane to electric? Install a solar array with single or three phase inverters to power your charging stations during daylight hours.
  •  Upgrading your lighting to LED to save electricity and make your offices cooler? Power it with solar during daytime hours!
  • Starting a recycling operation at your facility with compactors? Install a solar array or wind turbines along with a battery backup application to power it!
  • Apartment Owners & Condo Associations, increase the WOW factor of your property, while reducing your common area & pool power bills with an attractive shading Solar covered Pergola or a Solar covered Canopy in the parking lots!
  • Apartment complexes & Condo Associations can add Charging stations for their renters or owners to charge their Electric vehicles and power them with a small solar array.
  • Apartment & Condo complexes, Retail complexes, Hospitals, Government complexes, Office complexes, all of them have traditional parking lot lighting. Consider changing your fixtures to Solar / Battery powered LED lighting and eliminate a large portion of your night time power use. Make your parking lots brighter and safer and lastly reduce your maintenance costs as LED bulbs last over 10 years.
  • Data Centers and IT Sites. Install a small to medium sized Solar Array to keep your Battery backup system charged. Once charged any excess power will be used by the IT center to help offset power bills.
  • Commercial building owners, installing Renewable energy will help attract tenants that have their own green initiatives, allowing for higher rents and lower vacancy rates.
  • Public and private schools, your energy costs rise every year. Introduce solar, wind & battery storage to bring those costs down.
  • Churches along with their auxiliary buildings use tremendous amounts of electricity every day. Solar is a great solution to reduce power bills now and in the future. Churches can reap some of the best long term returns as they stay for 30 to 100 years once built. In cases where there are classrooms & activity centers solar has an even greater payback
  • Farms and agricultural centers use a lot of electricity and quite often have sizable open areas and large roof tops that get plenty of sun, making Solar a great short & long term investment for their business.